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 Come on down and check us out on any Wednesday night, and meet your next best diving buddy. Click on "Dive Calendar" for schedule and dive trips planned.
 We are a Scuba Diving club based in Brisbane, Queensland Australia. We are non-profit so the emphasis is heavily on enjoyment.
This website is intended to provide information on as many aspects of Scuba Diving as we can.
 The URGQ, as we are more commonly known, has a strong link with shipwrecks.
The Curtin Artificial Reef, due west of Moreton Island in Brisbane,
was researched and developed by members of the URGQ, with particular assistance from the late Frank Curtin,
after whom the reef was named.
 We are also involved with Research diving which can be interesting and rewarding.
The Coastcare project to determine the most suitable place for mooring buoys at Flinders Reef north of Cape Moreton is just one example.
Over the next few years, (2016 onwards) at various times, The Group will be involved in sponsored cleanups of the C.A.R.






Riot Games with their game ” League of Legends” has created and in conjunction with the Underwater Research Group of Queensland, sunk a “reef statue” of one of the games heros on the Curtin Artificial Reef in Moreton Bay, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Click on either image link above to go to their website, view the sinking and placement on the C.A.R. Our members have already paid numerous visits to the site and captured video and still images of the games hero.

Copyright - David Lennon

Riot Games – Nautilus, just been placed in position, on the sand. Photography by: David Lennon

U.R.G.Q - Underwater Research Group of Queensland

Riot Games – Nautilus, being placed in position. Photography by: David Lennon